Aug 13

Welcome to the Heroic Foxes of Foxwood

cropped-Sir-Foxley-Icon2.pngWelcome to my new blog, my name is Sir Foxley-Fox and the Heroic Foxes of Foxwood is a series of books all about generations of my family of foxes who have all played a leading role in great moments of British history. My first book will be published in September and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Check back regularly for the latest book release details and an insight into my exciting life here in Foxwood.


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  1. Sarah Hanlon

    What a handsome fellow! Sir Foxley Fox is absolutely adorable.

  2. Barbara Vellacott

    Sir Foxy Fox is an exciting fellow and I’m looking forward to reading his first adventure.

  3. Jack miller

    Dear Sir Foxley Fox,
    Your chicken nuggets have created a ravenous appetite for the availability of your books.
    Hopefully, your paws will hold a chicken feather quill pen when your book tour takes you to The Royal Pelican in February.

  4. Ed&Trish Blake

    What an exciting fellow Sir Foxley Fox sounds. Look forward to reading the adventures of his obviously very large family!

  5. Julie Fantom

    Sir Foxley Fox, what a knowledgeable and intriguing fellow you are ! I am your number one fan.

  6. Gladys silva

    Hmmm foxy fellow. Sounds like someone else I know. Such a clever fellow.

  7. john fielding

    I cannot wait to read the adventures of the amazing Foxes of

    Foxwood. An education in history via the eyes of a fox stimulates

    an elderly gentlemans mind.

    1. Sir Foxley-Fox

      Thank you, my dear friend
      What great taste you have!
      Sir Foxley- Fox

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