Sep 16

The Pawball match continued

So, the whistle blew and off they went in a frantic exchange of the ball, with foxes and dogs being the star players on the animal side.
At half time, no goal had been scored by either side, but then it began to get interesting!!!!!
Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrass, who, you may remember was the centre forward, found himself on side in front of the goal.
Seeing this, the weasel in an amzing show of dexterity and speed, did one of the most remarkable sliding tackles ever seen in the history of Foxwood, ending up just in front of Eustace, who fell flat on his face in the mud, to the horror of his mother who was thinking of washing his kit and the father, who felt it was an illegal tackle.
The referee, the wise old owl, gave a penalty, upon which Mr. Ponsonby-Snodgrass, in large checked sports jacket, with his moustache bristling and red in the face with fury, marched onto the pitch and grabbed hold of the referee, telling him that the weasel should be sent off for a foul tackle.The argument became more and more heated and Mr. Ponsonby-Snodgrass became more and more red in the face, to the extent that P.C. Fuzzy Fox intervened and with a typical display of police courage grabbed the large and self inmportant parent in an arm lock and marched him off the pitch to the delight of all the animals and most humans as well.
Lady Foxley-Fox and I, in keeping with most other parents present were doubled up with laughter and P.C. Fuzzy Fox was given a well-earned round of applause.
Eustace took the penalty, of course, and the goalkeeper caught the speeding ball before it entered the net.
At that Mr. Ponsonby-Snodgrass started to complain yet again that it was not fair that an octopus should have been made the goalkeeper for the animals as he had eight arms.
Yet again he was warned by P.C. Fuzzy Fox and the game continued, with no score.
One minute from full time and Buster took an amazing shot at the goal from near the halfway mark, which hit the bar and returned at an even greater speed, allowing Buster to take a second shot which hurtled like an arrow towards the goal, and which, although it looked as if it was in the goal had, in reality gone over the bar. Both animals and humans went mad with excitement, but the referee declared no goal and the match was a satisfactory draw, for all but the Ponsonby-Snodgrasses.

Bye Bye, Sir Foxley-Fox

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