Sep 11

The inter school football match.

Hi, it’s me again, your favourite, or as the Americas would say, favOrite fox!
Friday was the day of the football match between the Hillybottom animals and the Hilltop boys and girls and what a day it was!
Now you humans may think that such a match would be unfair to the animals as you think that humans are larger and so much more intelligent than we animals, but we are not that dumb and we have the advantage, though small, of being able to run faster than most humans and can run between humans’ legs, which has distinct advantages!
The football pitch at the school is smaller than a full size pitch, and although it has goal posts, there are no nets, following recent government budget cut backs.
All animals except the hedgehogs are allowed to play. Unfortunately, all too often a ball has landed on a hedgehog and has burst, so the Council, quite rightly in my opinion as Chairman of the Council, decided to ignore the equal rights for hedgehogs legislation in favour of the greater good of the majority. However, hedgehogs have an amazing turn of speed, so they are now linesmen, playing a key role in every match.
Football, or Pawball as we call it, can be exciting and most of the parents of boys and girls and animals were there to watch.

The boys and girls rushed on to the field all believing that they were budding young Beckhams in their matching kit and it must be admitted that the animals,being so different in size, did not look as smart, although seeing Buster as centre half brought memories of my own young foxhood days, tumbling back.
There was a newcomer to Foxwood in the form of the weasel family, who had come up from London “to avoid the heat”. Since this summer has been particularly cold and wet, we did not understand this, until we saw Mr. Weasel, dressed in a VERY long overcoat, going round all the spectators, opening his cost and exposing…. row upon row of shiny Swiss watches all made in China and all at “unbeatable” prices.
Luckily for him PC Fuzzy Fox did not notice him on this occasion, but I have no doubt that he will soon end up in Foxwood jail!
The children’s centre forward was called Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrass and it soon became clear that although his warm up routine looked most professional, this key position had been earned not by skill on the field but because his father, a big, fierce brute of a man, held the position of Refuse Inspector in the council. More of them later, for they both played a key role in the match.
So, the scene was set – a typical English September day, cold, cloudy and very wet…….
and you will have to wait for my next blog to read what happens to all these characters.
Bye Bye, Sir Foxley-Fox


  1. Bruce

    Looking forward to hearing the result, but I always pictured Buster playing rugby instead of football!

    1. Sir Foxley-Fox

      You will have to wait until next term for rugby!!!
      I fear that young Ponsonby Snodgrass will not do too well at rugby, but I expect that Buster will play a blinder!!

  2. jean elliott

    hope our football match is as exciting and we win.will wait to see how all the animals perform. Very interesting.

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