Oct 29

The ghost of Hallowe’en

The Foxley-Fox Cubs – The Ghost of Hallowe’en

Dedicated to my old friend Dorothy McDermottvignette final 1-2 (1)


It was Hallowe’en and the four Foxley Fox cubs, Buster, Squealer,

Squabbler and Felicity felt like having an adventure.

“Let’s go and see if we can find the wicked old witch in Foxwood” suggested Buster.

His 2 brothers readily agreed and Felicity, not wanting to go and see any wicked old witch but also not wanting to be called a “sissy” by her elder brothers eventually agreed.

Now, it is a little known fact that deep in the depths of Foxwood, there lies an ancient cottage that was lived in by a witch hundreds of years ago and many of the animals say that they have seen the ghost of the witch on dark, dark nights.

Well, it was a dark, dark night as the brave foxcubs went deeper and deeper into Foxwood until they came across the witch’s cottage.

Buster, being the bravest went in first.

The wind howled round the cottage and moaned in the branches of the trees as the moon came and went from behind scudding dark clouds.

Inside the cottage, the whole room was covered in spider’s webs and in one corner lurked the most enormous black spider gnashing his teeth as they entered!

In another corner lay the skeleton of some long dead animal.

“Is that a ffffffffox?” stammered Felicity.

“Probably a little female fox like you “ said Buster rather cruelly, at which the skeleton began to tremble.

At the same moment the air became considerably colder in the room, the spider dashed, frightened, into the corner and the ghostly figure of a witch, riding a broomstick that was not there, flew across the room, cackling. She sniffed the air, the fox cubs dared not move, then her eyes turned upon them and she said these terrible words………………..


“I will make  a hubble bubble,

Full of creatures, toil and trouble.

With eye of toad and wing of bat

I’ll mix it in my witch’s hat!

But now I need one other thing

To flavour nicely, my bat’s wing.

What is that pong of smelly socks?

Of course, I see now, it’s a fox.

Ah yes, a fox cub, that will do

Which one to choose – oh yes, it’s you!

You are the fattest, Buster is your name,

Without a fox it doesn’t taste the same.

Yes, little fox cubs just like you

Make a simply lovely brew.

Four little fox cubs really do

Make the most delicious stew!”


At that the fox cubs, howling miserably, rushed out of the room and ran as fast as their little paws could carry them back to Foxley Hall, where Sir Foxley and Lady Foxley-Fox were sitting with their feet up in front of a roaring log fire.

The four little foxes tumbled into the room, looking distinctly paler than when they had left.

“Good Heavens” said Sir Foxley-Fox, “ you all look as though you have seen a ghost!”


The End.


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