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Sir Foxley-Fox’s Xmas story 2016

Hi folks and a happy Christmas from all of us to all of you!

Below you will find, (hopefully!) my 2016 Xmas story, which I hope you will enjoy. When Andrew’s voice recovers he will do another Xmas video of the story, so keep your eyes out on Facebook and YouTube.

Lots of love, Sir Foxley-Fox and family

Sir Foxley-Fox’s Christmas Day 2016

As night drew on in the early afternoon of Christmas Eve, sprinkles of snow fell on to the frost hardened ground in Foxwood. Initially there were flurries of light snow and then, as the clouds darkened, the snow began to fall heavily so that within an hour the tree tops were covered and where there was a gap between the trees in Foxwood, the ground already had two centimetres of snow covering the mossy bed of the wood.

Buster, the eldest cub of Sir Foxley-Fox, looked out of the window of Foxley Hall and shrieked with delight – “Look everyone, it’s snowing and the snow has already started to cover the ground. Tomorrow will be SUCH a great day!”

Immediately 3 small faces and two larger faces jostled for a view through the window and exclamations of delight resounded through Foxwood Hall.

“Dad, Dad, may we go skating on Christmas Day?” said Felicity Fox

“Dad, Dad, may we go sledging?” said Buster.

“Dad, Dad, may we go for a walk in the snow?” said Squabbler.

“Dad, Dad, may we build a GIANT snowman?” said Squealer.

“ Let’s see what the weather is like tomorrow” said Lady Foxley-Fox “ and in the meantime let us all get ready for preparing the stockings for Christmas Eve.

With a great commotion all the family set to, packing the usual things in the stockings, after which the four cubs each put a pillow case at the end of their little beds –  all that is except Buster who put out two pillowcases, explaining that, as he was the eldest he should have more than the others.

After Lady Foxley-Fox had quietened the cubs down from the fight that followed Buster’s comment, his extra pillowcase was removed for the sake of a peaceful Christmas Eve!

Outside the snow was becoming deeper and deeper and the wood was becoming quieter and quieter except for the occasional Twit-twoo from the wise old owl, who was sitting on the branch of the old oak tree, regularly shaking himself to avoid him becoming a “snow owl!”

Inside Foxley Hall, the cubs were all put to bed whilst Mum and Dad started to pack the extra pillow cases with all sorts of exciting presents and when they felt that all the children were sound asleep, Sir Foxley-Fox climbed the carved oak staircase of Foxley Hall, with four bulging sacks across his shoulders.

All went well until he entered Buster’s room

In fairness to Sir Foxley-Fox, it WAS Christmas Eve and he had been drinking rather a lot of home-made Elderberry wine, so his normally keen senses were not quite as alert as they would normally have been………………..

and so, he did not see the string that Buster had attached across his room with a view to seeing if Father Christmas Fox really existed or not!!!!

With a mighty crash, Sir Foxley-Fox fell to the floor, waking Buster, who kept his eyes tightly shut and pretended to be still asleep.

Sir Foxley-Fox shook himself and laid the pillowcase at the end of Buster’s bed, never noticing the string and Buster opened one eye very slowly and discovered that it was so dark in his room that all he could make out was a shadowy figure, with a white beard leaving the room on tiptoe – it had to be Father Christmas Fox.

On returning downstairs Lady Foxley-Fox asked him why he had found it necessary to make quite so much noise and suggested that they should go to bed and be ready for Christmas Day.

Christmas Day dawned, with a weak sun shining pink through the last remaining clouds and untouched snow as far as the eye could see, with the trunks of the trees standing out darkly against the gleaming white snow.

The four cubs rushed into their parent’s room and jumped on the bed .

“Happy Christmas, it’s time to wake up!” they all cried out together, which was followed by a frantic delving into stockings and an even more frantic delving into pillowcases.

“I’ve got some skates!” squealed Squealer.

“I’ve got a new hat and coat!” squealed Felicity

“I’ve got a Father Christmas Fox outfit!” squealed Squabbler.

“Wow” said Buster, “ I’ve got nothing. My second pillowcase was empty!”

His bottom lip quivered and he began to cry, upon which Lady Foxley-Fox put her paws around him and covering his eyes, took him to the window to look outside.

“Oh wow!!! A sledge” exclaimed a happy Buster as his tears magically disappeared.

So, with the cubs all happy with their presents a decision had to be made on how the morning would be spent.

As Buster had a new sledge it was agreed that, after church, they would all go to Foxwood Hill to try it out.

What a sight met their eyes, as it seemed that the whole of Foxwood had turned out with the same idea. The lady animals were all dressed in their new hats and coats and the children were showing off their new toys.

The foxcubs hurtled down the hill on trays and plastic bags, narrowly missing Larry Labrador on the way and Buster was so delighted with his new sledge that he allowed all the cubs to have a go!

It has to be said that some were more successful than others, but all were having a wonderful time, when the Ponsonby-Snodgrasses arrived, with their customary loud voices and brash manners.

It soon became evident that Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrass had been given the latest Mark 3 Olympic sledge with go-faster stripes on the side, which his father was pompously bragging about.

It also soon became evident that Eustace was not the most accomplished sledge rider in Foxwood!

On his first run, he hurtled down Foxwood Hill so fast that he lost control, veered off to the right, hit a partly snow covered log and took off , gracefully at first, with his Mark 3 Olympic sledge. It was an awesome sight to see young Eustace flying through the air, but all too soon the flight was cut abruptly short and Eustace was deposited, head first, into the most enormous snowdrift, leaving only his ankles and shoes sticking out from under the snow!

“Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving chap” said Mr. Badger and Sir Foxley-Fox at the same time and both burst out laughing. Soon the laugh was taken up by others and the whole of Foxwood Hill was reverberating with the sound of laughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Ponsonby-Snodgrass were not amused. Mr. Ponsonby-Snodgrass’s first reaction was to investigate whether the Mark 3 Olympic sledge had been damaged, whilst Mrs. Ponsonby-Snodgrass tried in vain to pull her beloved Eustace out of the snowdrift.

Luckily farmer Giles had been watching from the top of the hill on his tractor, fitted with mighty Trelleborg winter tyres, and he chugged down the hill, stopped by the snowdrift, had some chains attached to Eustace’s feet and thanks to the excellent traction of the tyres, a wet, bedraggled, snow covered and rather more humble Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrass was dragged from the snowdrift, to more laughter.

Farmer Giles was clapped by everyone, whilst the Ponsonby-Snodgrasses went back home carrying the badly dented Mark 3 Olympic sledge.

At the end of the morning, all the animals went back to their respective homes to celebrate Christmas dinner.

The Foxley-Foxes had kindly invited some of the animals to share their meal, but had decided that to invite the chickens and rabbits was far too great a temptation for six hungry foxes.

However, they all agreed that this Christmas had been the best ever!

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