Jul 19

Sir Foxley-Fox to star in new series name

Hi folks, it’s me again, your favourite fox!

My Dad , Andrew, and I have been busy talking to publishing companies and we are hoping to be able to make an announcement very soon about a company that would likeSir Foxley Fox Trees (1) to help us promote the series – I am so excited!

My Dad has also decided to change the name of the series from “The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood”  to “The Sir Foxley-Fox Stories.”

Modesty forbids me to say what a good idea this is, but I think it  is a REALLY good idea- after all, I am the Author, illustrator and narrator, with a little help from Andrew and Dan, so I think this name change will be of great benefit.

I told my Dad this at the beginning – but he just did not listen!

I can see it all now, Disney dong a cartoon about me, a statue of my Dad and I next to the one of Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse in front of The Magic Kingdom, or maybe even my own theme park!!

Well, you can’t blame a young fox for dreaming!!

‘Bye ‘Bye, just off to chase a few chickens, I mean research Book 4!



  1. Gladys silva

    A little more humble,
    Perhaps my friend. Best of luck

  2. Trish&Ed

    Well done think the name change is a great idea. Look forward to news re next publication date.

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