Sep 21

Book 2 now available on

I am delighted to report that Book 2 in the Heroic Foxes of Foxwoods series has now been released on, First Officer Fox and the Battle of Trafalger is available at just £4.99 by following this link

Don’t forget Book 1 is still available, just click on the links below:-

Book 1 – General Falconius Fox and the Roman Invasion of Britain

Book 2 – First Officer Fox and the Battle of Trafalger

Sep 21

Book 2 on the launch pad

book2-cover-2Hi there, I am getting soooo excited as Book 2 , First Officer Fox and the Battle of Trafalgar has been proofed and will very soon be available on Amazon worldwide. Keep your eyes on the website for launch info. YIPPEE!

Sir Foxley-Fox

Sep 13

Bad News- Good News

Hi there folks, it’s me again, your favourite fox. I am afraid that the publishing deal did not work out, mainly because my Dad, quite rightly, in my opinion, would not agree to the publisher taking the copyright. Can you imagine it, the copyright of a splendid creature like ME, being handed over – no Sir!

So, we are going to publish on Amazon worldwide again and I shall be in touch regarding the publishing date – it won’t be long!

Thanks for all your support, Sir Foxley-Fox

Sep 09

Book 1 new review

Mr and Mrs Fox were relaxing after a tasty and fulfilling meal, when a lightning storm brought their four young cubs hurtling into the room.

With them now unable to play outside, Mrs Fox persuades Mr Fox to tell the youngsters one of his thrilling stories. Settling the cubs down, Mr. Fox tells them the story of ‘General Falconius Fox’, the first fox to make a name for himself.

As the young cubs listen in awe, Mr Fox tells them the exciting tale of how Falconius Fox became a general in Julius Caesar’s Roman army, by helping to stop all the foxes in Rome, from eating the chickens, and save the Romans from starving to death.

This is the first book in a series of stories aimed at kids from 8-108! Each book tells the story of a famous Fox relative, and incorporates factual events in history, amidst a fun and exciting story, that is supported by beautiful illustrations, drawn by the award-winning illustrator, Dan Ungureanu.

The book is narrated directly to the audience by Sir Foxley-Fox and gets the children (or adults), actively involved in the plot.


Historically factual story books are a fun and exciting way of engaging children in history and “The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood” is no exception to that rule. Andrew Lauder, or should I say Sir Foxley-Fox, has written the book in such an inventive and amusing way, that children will take on board the factual information from Roman times, without becoming overwhelmed by an overload of input.

The book has everything a child could want to keep them entertained, fantastic characters, a full and exciting plot with plenty of dramatic moments and a little bit of gore here and there.

It has been written with the UK school’s history curriculum in mind, and I feel that it would work perfectly with any Roman History lessons that the teachers have in mind, whether to be used as story-time, for the kids to read themselves, or as a tool for something more explorative, such as a drama lesson.

At the back of the book is a quiz all about the story, which will help the kids with their reading comprehension, alongside a list of facts about Roman times.

A wonderful book that will subtly teach, whilst still telling a captivating and impeccable story.

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The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood's photo.
The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood

Jul 31

water skiing

Hi, it’s Sir Foxley-Fox here edward waterskiingagain!

Talking of water skiing, as I was yesterday, here is a nice photo of my Dad’s grandson, aged 5 on his first water ski.

Glad to see he is carrying on the fine family tradition!

One day we may get to see my Dad, Bruce and Edward ( and of course myself!) all skiing together as a foursome – now that would be something.

Jul 30

In the footsteps of Falconius Fox

vignette final 11Hi there folks. I had some great news yesterday. My Dad is taking his wife Margaret on a Mediterranean cruise starting in Venice and ending in Rome and he is taking me with them!!!

I am so excited.

Whist my Dad is negotiating with a potential publisher in Rome, I will be able to follow in the footsteps of my relative Falconius Fox – how great is that!

I may even go water skiing on the River Tiber, but I guess my Dad will take me on a speed boat as there are not too many galley slaves left in Rome nowadays!

I must get my dashing swimming shorts out!!

‘Bye for now, Sir Foxley-Fox x

Jul 19

Sir Foxley-Fox to star in new series name

Hi folks, it’s me again, your favourite fox!

My Dad , Andrew, and I have been busy talking to publishing companies and we are hoping to be able to make an announcement very soon about a company that would likeSir Foxley Fox Trees (1) to help us promote the series – I am so excited!

My Dad has also decided to change the name of the series from “The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood”  to “The Sir Foxley-Fox Stories.”

Modesty forbids me to say what a good idea this is, but I think it  is a REALLY good idea- after all, I am the Author, illustrator and narrator, with a little help from Andrew and Dan, so I think this name change will be of great benefit.

I told my Dad this at the beginning – but he just did not listen!

I can see it all now, Disney dong a cartoon about me, a statue of my Dad and I next to the one of Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse in front of The Magic Kingdom, or maybe even my own theme park!!

Well, you can’t blame a young fox for dreaming!!

‘Bye ‘Bye, just off to chase a few chickens, I mean research Book 4!


May 27

Back from Florida

Hi, it’s me , your friend and favourite author, Sir Foxley-Fox back again after spending a few lovely weeks with my Dad and co author (Andrew) and his wife in  Florida, relaxing after all my hard work.

Some of you have been kind enough to ask when the next book in the series is coming out.

Well, I have approched literary agents in the Uk and the U SA and am anxiously waiting to hear from them. They have so many books submitted to them that it takes them 3-4 months to get back, so I just have to wait and see what they say.

The good news is that I have now finished Book 3, “Fearsome Fox and the Battle of Hastings” and my Dad thinks it is my best work so far – we will see what you all think about it!!!

I will be back in touch as soon as I hear anything and if I receive no replies, then I will self publish through Amazon again, as they are so efficient.

cropped-Sir-Foxley-Icon2.pngThanks for your patience,

Sir Foxley-Fox

Jan 26

Foxley on the map!

Well, how about that? Look what Andrew’s son Bruce found near Norwich!!

Fame at last!!

Sir Foxley-FoxWP_20160125_004

Jan 15

A happy little grandson

Andrew’s grandson Edward, finding that Father Christmas, with a little help from Dan Ungureanu, had hung these beautiful original Sir Foxley-Fox illustrations on his bedroom wall!IMG_0226 (2)

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