Sep 22

Hurricane Irma

How pleased I was to learn that all our friends in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida are safe with little damage to their homes.

Not the case in Naples, the Keys or the Caribbean – poor people.

It made me think about the animals that have been killed by this awesome and awful hurricane.

Shortly before hurricane Wilma, Category 4 , was about to hit, I remember walking the beach in Ft. Myers with my Dad Рwe met only 2 other humans and not a single bird was to be seen. It is  a little known fact that some creatures have a sixth sense about these things and the birds fly inland and the fish swim as far out to sea as they can to avoid the storm.

Can you imagine the scene in a foxes’ den? They have nowhere to go.

The parents and cubs cuddled up together as the storm starts, the roar growing with intensity every minute. At the same time the rain turns from a shower, to heavy rain, to a torrent and the first rivulet of water appears at the mouth of the den, growing in its intensity into a stream and then into a raging torrent, sweeping away everything and everyone in its unrelenting path and turning the foxes over and over again in the water until they eventually drown.

I feel so sorry for my  Floridian and Caribbean foxy cousins, who never made it and I grieve for them andvignette final 1-2 (1) for the humans who tragically died.

Sir Foxley-Fox and family

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