Oct 12

Girls in a lift/elevator!

My Dad and Margaret took me back to the wonderful Panorama Hotel in Chania, Crete for 3 days. This is where Dad celebrated his 69 1/4th. birthday and what a party it was with a picture of me, Sir Foxley-Fox on the cake!

One evening, after tottering back from a good dinner at the hotel they decided to go in the panoramic lift, or elevator as you Americans would call it.

Dad stepped back to take a better photo just as the doors were shutting. Now, most lifts have an electronic eye that automatically stops the door shutting, but not this one!!

The doors closed inexorably on my poor Dad, trapping him in a vice like grip by the shoulders, just as he took the photo.

The photo below shows the caring concern of the 3 girls ————————–!!!???

lift chania

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