Apr 13

Foxtales update

Hi folks. Well, my Dad has recently been elected Chairman of the St. Michael’s┬áHospice Charity in Paphos and he has decided to donate all the royalties from our new book The Sir Foxley-Fox Tales to the Hospice Charity. I must say, I think this is a great idea, so the more books you buy, the more good you will be doing!!

Lady Foxley-Fox was a bit miffed as she had set her heart on a very nice antique rocking chair from Foxwood Antiques, but when I explained to her what we were doing she thought it was a much better idea than any rocking chair.

Dad’s idea set my mind thinking about the families of those poor foxes who are still being torn apart by foxhunting in ┬áspite of the anti foxhunting law and I thought I may set up a charity called Foxfam. Do you think that is a good name? Please let me know and keep your eyes and ears open for more news about the launch in May.

Bye Bye, Sir Foxley-Fox and family.


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