Sep 05

DISASTER! Day 3 at Foxwood Hillybottom School

Hi there, it’s me again with another Foxblog!
It was during the morning break, that it happened….
All the animals were having a great time running around the playground and the chickens were particularly enjoying their game of Chase the Chicken, when the animal instincts of my eldest cub, Buster,took over.
He went down on all fours, keeping very close to the ground with ears pinned back and crept forward, trying to make himself as small as possible. At the last moment, he leapt upon the nearest chicken and pretended to eat him!
Luckily, the Head Animal, Bertie Badger was keeping a close eye on things and he then pounced on Buster and dragged him to the Head Teacher’s study.
Firstly he was told to apologise to the chicken and then was given a lecture on the benefits of all animals living in peace together. I must say, that when I read my morning papers and watch Fox News, I feel that you humans could well benefit from such a lecture … but I digress.
Buster was told that his punishment would be announced at the end of school, so all day long he was surrounded by a dark cloud with fears of detentions and black marks.
However, the kindly hand of fate intervened during the afternoon break, as the chicken which had suffered so much in the morning, now fell beakfirst off the swing. Immediately, Buster rushed over, picked him up and gently carried him to the Matron, Miss. Mendabump, who enclosed him in her ample bosom in such a gentle way that after a few moments the chicken had recovered.
Meanwhile, the cook, who had seen the whole event, gave Buster a chicken cup cake. NO, NO, not a cup cake made of chicken, but a cup cake with a marzipan chicken on the top and the wise Head Teacher decided that his good deed had cancelled out his bad deed and therefore no punishment was necessary.
On returning home to Foxwood Hall, Buster declared that he had enjoyed a good day and that he had been rewarded for being kind. Of the morning’s incident he made no mention!!!!!


  1. David

    First history lessons, now PSHE too. Will Foxley, single-handedly reform the education system? Go Foxley!

  2. Jean Elliott

    a good lesson to teach young children at a early age

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