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General Falconius Fox and the Roman Invasion of Britain

Falconius Fox is a bright young fox living in Rome, with a liking for Roman chickens.

When he is caught stealing from a farm belonging to Julius Caesar, his only way to avoid a brutal death is to convince all the other foxes around Rome, NOT to steal the Romans’ chickens.

Julius Caesar is so impressed that Falconius is witty, speaks several languages and is a very quick thinker, he is invited to invade Britain with Caesar…

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First Officer Fox and the Battle of Trafalgar

This book, the second in The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood series is the story told by Sir Foxley-Fox one very wet day about one of his famous foxy relatives who fought in the dramatic Battle of Trafalgar with Admiral Nelson and single handedly saved the H.M.S.Victory from boarding. Historically based, with blood curdling descriptions of the battle scenes and written in beautiful English,with illustrations by prize winning artist Dan Ungureanu, the book is narrated in a fun way by the incomparable Sir Foxley-Fox and will appeal to children from 8 – 108! At the end there is a quiz and facts and figures page for those readers who wish to learn more about the great events of 1805.

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The Sir Foxley-Fox Tales: Volume 1

At the request of many of his readers, Sir Foxley-Fox has written a book of bedtime stories and poems primarily for ages 8-12, but which also seem to appeal to parents and grandparents.

Including the prologue of his first three books, two of which have already been published, the stories go through the seasons from Hallowe’en to Christmas with stories about Sir Foxley-Fox’s sailing experiences ( Don’t worry, I know exactly what I am doing!?) to an hilarious audience with the Queen and a picture of all his friends in Florida, which should guarantee some extra sales in the USA!

This book is longer than the others but does not have any new illustrations. All the royalties are being given to the St. Michael’s Hospice Charity in Paphos Cyprus, of which Andrew Lauder is the Chairman, so every book you buy will be helping those in need of care in the last few days of their lives.

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  1. Harry Roussot

    Dear Mr. Lauder,

    What a fabulous concept? I am very excited and would like to order 4 books straight off for my son Theo (aged 8,5) and for friends of his. Especially if you (or Falconius Fox more importantly) would be kind enough to sign them for us?

    Now I understand why you put photovoltaic in, pounding the keyboards for hours on end uses a lot of energy.
    Literally (excuse the pun) and metaphorically.

    I wish you all the success you so richly deserve.
    Hopefully catch up soon.

    Harry Roussot
    ph: 99 212 686.

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