Oct 08

Anti Foxhunting Poem

A Fox’s Poem against Foxhunting.


Today is National Poetry Day, so I hear tell,

So keep on signing the petition and give ’em hell.

Sir Foxley-Fox is in a mighty rage

And tells young Cameron “don’t turn the page

Back to the old and primitive days

When foxhunting was still the rage.

Most voters here don’t want to see

Foxes being killed across the country,

Cubs being mauled and ripped to death

By hounds called Bill and Ben and Seth.

I wonder if, like most hunting men,

He has trophies of foxes at Number 10?

How would he like it if he came to my Hall

And I put HIS head upon my wall?”


Sir Foxley-Fox, Foxwood.


1 comment

  1. Graham Shepperson

    Hear, hear! Well said Sir Foxley.

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