Oct 19

An angry Fox!

Well I am feeling really angry today as Andrew has gone off to Chania in Crete for a week with 30 of his friends—- and he has NOT invited me! Apparently he thought I may sneak into the kitchens and steal some chickens, but I would never have done that – I would have stolen them from the dining room, much more fun!

Anyway, he is celebrating his 69 1/4th birthday – I know, I know he is a little strange sometimes, but he assures me he had a good reason and was kind enough to send me a photo of the view from his room – grrrrrrr!

He tells me that he  had a great evening at a banquet with all his friends, excluding me, so I am REALLY happy for him!

At least his wife was thinking about me, as I slaved away on my third book, “Fearsome Fox and the Battle of Hastings” as she had a FABULOUS cake made , with a pictiure of ME on it – I will post it on my website soon, as I really do look rather dashig!!

Bye Bye for now, Sir Foxley-Fox


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