Nov 16

A new author???

A Bulgarian friend of my Dad has 2 lovely daughters, An-Marie, aged 17 and Eva who are both great fans and An- Marie has written a story about me, in amazing English, that I thought I would share with you. It certainly makes a very good point. Maybe she will take over from me?

Enjoy, Sir F-F.


A Fox’s View of the Future

Written by An-Marie Dinkov

We all know about Sir Foxley-Fox Fox and his amazing stories, but this time he was going into the future and he didn’t like what he saw..

It was an amazing night at the Fox family’s house. They were all sitting outside in a circle, near the fire, eating marshmallows. And of course everyone wanted to hear a story from Sir Foxley-Fox. After begging him for quite some time, he agreed. Everyone got closer to him so they could hear the story better and they were all looking at him with excited eyes.

 “I will tell you a very interesting story this time and you need to listen and not make the same mistakes I have seen in the future, as Fox Town was very different. There were no houses only skyscrapers – firstly you might want to know what they are. They are blocks with 50-60 floors. Can you imagine that?”

“Wow!!” said everyone together and got even closer.

“But the buildings weren’t the only thing, there were so many cars, traffic and the people…they were all so angry and always too busy to even say “Hi.”

They were always inside, on their computers and foxphones. And those foxphones  were EVERYWHERE and everyone was using them. You can listen to music, play games,  watch movies. The kids were all wearing headphones and were looking at the floor and they never talk to you. And the parents were just the same!” said Sir Foxley-Fox angrily.

“They were on a computer all night, there was no family time, there was no conversation and it was sad for me to see it, so I decided that I had to do something and I was thinking what should I do to open their eyes so they can see that there are many more important things in life than Foxphones  and how they need to learn to enjoy life more because you can never have a day back and time is passing really fast .

So I decided to go to to a different  friend’s  house every night. I made them all turn off their phones for one night and just talk and tell stories. We were talking and laughing all night! It was amazing and I think now they know that there are many more important things in life than phones and computers and they should enjoy spending some time together because family –  it’s the most important thing.

I was telling them one story of mine and they loved it and it was their favourite.

Are you ready to hear it now? OK, so this is how it all started ….. ”

An- Marie Dinkov

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