May 06

3-2-1- launch of Sir Foxley-Fox Tales Book 1

Hi folks. I am so excited, I am doing cartwheels all round the room as my third book is now available on Amazon worldwide.

This is a book of short bedtime stories as requested by many of my readers – longer than the other books but with no new illustrations.

For those of you who wish to order in the UK there is a direct link to Amazon.co.uk on the website.

For those of you who live in Ft. Myers, Florida, the last story is all about my adventures in Florida, so you may well find a story about YOU!!! However, please note that to avoid litigation it is clearly stated at the beginning of the book that it is a work of fiction!!!

For those of you who live in Cyprus the book is being launched at a Sundowner Party at the Amphitheatre cafe on May 24th with music generously provided from Rick and ¬†all proceeds going to the St. Michael’s Hospice.2017-05-24 Sundown Party (1)

My Dad, Andrew, has recently been elected Chairman of the St. Michael’s Hospice Charity in Paphos Cyprus and we have both agreed that ALL the worldwide royalties on this book will go to the charity, so the more books you order, the more you will be helping those in need.

If you enjoy it, please add a comment on the website, as this really helps sales.

Thank you, love n licks,

Sir Foxley-Fox


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