Monthly Archive: July 2016

Jul 31

water skiing

Hi, it’s Sir Foxley-Fox here again! Talking of water skiing, as I was yesterday, here is a nice photo of my Dad’s grandson, aged 5 on his first water ski. Glad to see he is carrying on the fine family tradition! One day we may get to see my Dad, Bruce and Edward ( and …

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Jul 30

In the footsteps of Falconius Fox

Hi there folks. I had some great news yesterday. My Dad is taking his wife Margaret on a Mediterranean cruise starting in Venice and ending in Rome and he is taking me with them!!! I am so excited. Whist my Dad is negotiating with a potential publisher in Rome, I will be able to follow …

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Jul 19

Sir Foxley-Fox to star in new series name

Hi folks, it’s me again, your favourite fox! My Dad , Andrew, and I have been busy talking to publishing companies and we are hoping to be able to make an announcement very soon about a company that would like to help us promote the series – I am so excited! My Dad has also …

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