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Dec 20

Christmas Greetings

Hi again, it’s me, Sir Foxley-Fox. I wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a great New Year. Thanks again for all your support this year. I must say I am looking forward to my Christmas turkey, but haven’t as yet decided from whence it will come …..mmmmm……..I don’t suppose it will …

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Dec 16

WOW my Christmas video has taken off

Hi there! After just 4 days, my Christmas video has reached over 1/2 million people on Facebook and it is now on YouTube as well. In fact it has just risen to 574,913 since last night! WOW, I am so excited _ I am worse than the cubs at the approach of Christmas! Thanks again, …

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Sir Foxley-Fox’s Christmas story

Watch the Christmas story read by none other than Andrew Lauder himself by clicking here


It was two days before Christmas and Sir Foxley-Fox was enjoying a fine breakfast with his family, all of whom were getting VERY excited at the approach of Christmas.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door of Foxwood Hall and the bell was also rung with some urgency.

” I wonder who that could be” exclaimed Sir Foxley-Fox as he stood up to answer his own question.

At the door, on this bitterly cold winter’s morning stood P.C. Fuzzy Fox, who as you may remember was the Foxwood policeman.

” Come in, come in out of the cold, my dear fellow and tell me how I can help you” said Sir Foxley-Fox and ushered P.C.Fuzzy Fox into the lounge.

“I have grave news. The Ponsonby Snodgrasses intend to have a foxhunt

tomorrow, on Christmas Eve at 11.00 a.m. I have talked to him and advised him that foxhunting is illegal, as he well knows, but he intends to go ahead and even said that if I caused any trouble it may be ME that was hunted. I am short

staffed over the Christmas period and I need your help as Chairman of the

Foxwood Council to stop this hunt, please.”

“Of course, Of course my dear fellow, we will call a council of war immediately of all the available animals. We will have to forget Mr. Badger, the hedgehogs and

the snakes as they are all hibernating, but I would appreciate it if you would

wake up the wise old owl in the Old Oak Tree as his advice is always so


The wise old owl was none too pleased about being woken up, but having

considered the importance of the situation, immediately spread his massive wings and headed out towards Foxwood Hall.

The Council of War decided that three measures would be appropriate to stop the hunters:

Firstly, Sydney spider and his family and friends would weave tunnel webs across the planned route of the hunt, secondly the beavers would hide under the water

in Foxwood stream and jump out as the horses jumped into the river and

thirdly, the foxes and rabbits would dig ditches which would be covered up by

twigs and leaves in such a way that that the horses would throw their riders, but not hurt themselves. They would also spread leaves over the edge of Foxwood

Pond in the hope that the riders would be deposited onto or maybe through the


Then came the difficult decision of who would volunteer to be the fox that was

chased so they could ensure that the hunters would follow the required

sabotaged route. Buster, Sir Foxley-Fox’s eldest cub volunteered as did P.C. FuzzyFox, but Sir Foxley-Fox was never one to ask anyone to do anything that he

was not prepared to do himself and he insisted that he be the fox that would

be chased.


“OH NO!” I hear you cry, thinking that this could be the end of Sir Foxley-Fox

and all his stories. Do not worry, put away your tissues, Sir Foxley-Fox is a wily and sly old fox and I know the end of the story!!


The following day the hunt met at the house of Mr. Ponsonby Snodgrass and

drank the stirrup cup, supposedly to keep out the cold, but which in effect made it even more difficult for them to stay on their horses.

The whinnying of the horses could scarcely be distinguished from the braying of the riders as they talked in loud voices about their feats of horsemanship in this barbaric so called sport.

Then the horn was sounded and off they went unaware of the great surprise that was waiting for them!

Sir Foxley-Fox had already laid his scent so that the hounds would follow his trail and now watched from the top of a hill as the first huntsmen started waving their arms around and falling off their horses as their faces became covered in spider’s webs.

Then came phase two, which was even more successful.

As the beavers rose from the water’s edge , the horses shied up and their riders were propelled at great speed and with varying degrees of acrobatic ineptitude into the freezing waters of Foxwood stream.

Phase three, the pond and the ditch were equally successful and amidst a joyful cacophony of ambulance sirens, the hunt was called off.

The score, as reported by the Foxwood Times, who just happened to have a reporter AND a photographer at strategic positions, was as follows:

Foxes caught………Nil

Horses injured…….Nil

Other animals injured…..Nil

Huntsmen injured 21!!! (one of whom, Mr Ponsonby Snodgrass, ended up in hospital for the whole of the Christmas period, which everyone felt was rather bad luck on the nursing staff.)

That evening all the little animals excitedly hung up their stockings by the chimney, for it is a little known fact that Father Christmas also looks after all the animals on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Day, after the family had opened all their presents, Sir Foxley-Fox gave his customary Christmas party – and what a party it was.

Barbecued turkey ( nobody was quite sure from whence these fine, plump turkeys had come!) squashed fly sandwiches for the spiders, lettuce sandwiches for the rabbits and of course barbecued fish sandwiches for the beavers, who had done such a brave job.

As the sun set over Foxwood, spreading a pinky orange glow over the whole area, everyone agreed that Sir Foxley-Fox’s Christmas celebrations had been the best ever!


Don’t forget to watch the Christmas story read by none other than Andrew Lauder himself by clicking here