Monthly Archive: November 2015

Nov 30

best seller list?

Hi folks – exciting news. My first book has reached the dizzy heights of 146th in the Young Adults Historical Fiction Europe section on – heady stuff!!! Equally amazingly it is 1128th in Children’s Books Fiction Historical section! Thank you all so very much Speak to you soon, Sir Foxley-Fox

Nov 09

Comments from America

Nov 05

Sir Foxley-Fox’s Bonfire night comments!

Sir Foxley-Fox and Bonfire Night The Foxwood Times stated it was Bonfire Night And the Foxcylopaedia confirmed this was right. Guy Fawkes was the villain, or so we hear tell, But some people now are wishing him well. Foxhunting, we know, has been banned for some years, Why some want to repeal it, makes me …

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Nov 01

Hallowe’en sunset

A beautiful Hallowe’en sunset over Cyprus as the sun gently kisses the sea goodnight.

Nov 01

Crash landed cat

Andrew’s cat Thumper at the top of a tree – but how did he get there? Thumper commented: ” That silly witch didn’t tell me she had never ridden a broomstick before!”