Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 30

Sir Foxley-Fox’s Hallowe’en Poem

Oct 25

69 1/4 birthday Foxy cake

What a cool cake and have you noticed Andrew’s tie with ME on it – maybe he was missing me!!     Bye Bye, Sir Foxley-Fox

Oct 19

An angry Fox!

Well I am feeling really angry today as Andrew has gone off to Chania in Crete for a week with 30 of his friends—- and he has NOT invited me! Apparently he thought I may sneak into the kitchens and steal some chickens, but I would never have done that – I would have stolen …

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Oct 08

Anti Foxhunting Poem

Oct 07

Keep the ban on foxhunting 2

Oct 03

Ban Cubbing!

Oct 03

An Excited Young Reader of my book!

Oct 02

Keep the Ban on Foxhunting 1

I woke up this morning, read the comment from Princess Michael that “foxes have no rights because they do not pay tax” and thought to myself, “How strange some of you humans are. Surely, if humans do not support rights for animals,( even if they do not pay tax!) they lose their right to be …

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