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Sep 30


3-2-1-Launch. Sir Foxley-Fox’s Book 1 takes off!   In a major scoop, the F.B.C. ( Foxwood Broadcasting Corporation) broke the news of the successful launch of the first book in ” The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood ” series.   Available NOW on Amazon worldwide – or follow the direct link to the book on …

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Sep 27

The Foxwood World Peace Initiative Part 3

Part 3. Sir Foxley – Fox gave an interview to the local press, The Foxwood Times. Facebook and Twitter messages went racing round the world and suddenly this story had as many followers as David Beckham! The Prime Minister called the schools to congratulate them. Elsewhere, world leaders were thinking that if animals and children …

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Sep 25

The Foxwood World Peace Initiative Part 2

Part 2. Saturday came and it seemed as if ALL the animals and ALL the children in Foxwood had responded to the challenge and got together to build the tree house. Mr. ( Fixit ) Weasel turned up with a long ladder, although nobody knew where it had come from, some of the parents and …

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Sep 23

The Foxwood World Peace Initiative. Part 1

It was a Thursday, and young Buster was trudging along the riverside path on his way back to Foxwood, with his mother, Lady Foxley-Fox. They were overtaken by a lovely young girl from Hilltop school, whose name was Taylor and after exchanging greetings, Taylor suddenly stopped and pointed at a large tree by the riverside. …

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Sep 22

The Guardian comments on how to help parents read to their children

I thought you may like to read Andrew’s article in reply to The Guardian asking for comments on how to make it enjoyable for parents to read to their children. What do you all think???? Bye Bye Sir Foxley-Fox. One of my greatest joys as a child was to listen to my parents reading to …

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Sep 22

the PROOF is in the reading

Hi there it’s me again, your favourite fox, or for those of you in the USA, your favOrite fox!! Well, we received the first proof of the book, but Andrew did not feel that the full page black and white illustrations did justice to Dan’s illustrations, so back it went. My thanks to my co-illustrator, …

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Sep 20

Are Dads not reading enough to their children?

Hi it’s me again, your favourite fox. Are Dad’s really not reading enough to their children? According to articles in the UK press, they are not (see reference below). But what do you think Dads? Is it really true? Is this something we can fight? OF COURSE it is and I will do whatever I …

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Sep 16

The Pawball match continued

So, the whistle blew and off they went in a frantic exchange of the ball, with foxes and dogs being the star players on the animal side. At half time, no goal had been scored by either side, but then it began to get interesting!!!!! Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrass, who, you may remember was the centre forward, …

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Sep 11

The inter school football match.

Hi, it’s me again, your favourite, or as the Americas would say, favOrite fox! Friday was the day of the football match between the Hillybottom animals and the Hilltop boys and girls and what a day it was! Now you humans may think that such a match would be unfair to the animals as you …

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Sep 08

(No title)

Hi. I forgot to mention that Blind Billy was a good friend of Andrew and lived in Florida. He was an amazing man, who always laughed at whatever life threw at him and he was admired by everyone, so the name is to honour him. Bye Bye Sir Foxley-Fox

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