Aug 13

Welcome to the Heroic Foxes of Foxwood

cropped-Sir-Foxley-Icon2.pngWelcome to my new blog, my name is Sir Foxley-Fox and the Heroic Foxes of Foxwood is a series of books all about generations of my family of foxes who have all played a leading role in great moments of British history. My first book will be published in September and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Check back regularly for the latest book release details and an insight into my exciting life here in Foxwood.

Apr 21

Bespoke book raffle

Hi there! My Dad has come up with another of his crazy ideas!

On Monday he is going to the TLC School in Agios Giorgios Cyprus and, together with 140 children will be writing a short story about me, Sir Foxley-Fox visiting the school and stealing some chickens – whoever heard of such a thing?

Then on May 19th, he is doing a raffle in aid of St. Michael’s Hospice Charity at the Kamares Club Festival and the winner will have a short story written about them and their family – starring, of course ME again!!

Please turn up and support this great Charity.

Thanks, love n licks, Sir F-F.

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Dec 09

Sir Foxley-Fox’s Christmas story 2017

SIR FOXLEY-FOX’s Christmas 2017


The Fox News weather forecast for December 2017 showed very low temperatures below freezing throughout the month with heavy snowfalls.

The Foxwood Council, led, if you remember by none other than Sir Foxley-Fox himself, decided with their usual forward thinking that it would be a good idea to have a downhill ski race on Christmas Day with all animals and humans competing but those without skis would be allowed to use other forms of transport!

Nurse Tracey and Dr. Silvia at the Foxwood Medical Centre groaned at the news, remembering the events of 2016 and imagining another Christmas Day spent repairing bumps and bruises and even broken bones.

Although Olly Octopus was very keen to try his legs at skiing, the Council decided that with eight legs it would be almost impossible to keep them all going in a straight line, with the inevitable result that there would be multiple breaks of skis and legs, so he was appointed as the official photographer as he would be able to take eight photos at the same time!

Sydney Spider fell into the same category as Olly Octopus, but he came up with the BRILLIANT idea of paragliding down the hill on his web, which caused allegations of corruption in the Council as one of the council members was a spider, but was approved because the general idea was felt to be so unique.

Sir Foxley-Fox, who rather fancied himself as a downhill racer looked out and cleaned and waxed his old wooden skis inherited from Wing Commander Fox in World War 1 and much to the amusement of the cubs and Lady Foxley Fox, tried on a very old pair of chequered plus fours which promptly tore all the way across his bottom!

Thumper the cat decided to attempt the downhill run on a Cat Mat, the fox cubs Buster, Squabbler, Squealer and Felicity designed a special Fox Box with a hole at the front so they could see where they were going and a hole at the back for steering with their bushy tails and Mr.and Mrs.Ponsonby-Snodgrass promptly sent their son Eustace off to a most expensive ski school in Switzerland for one week’s expert tuition!

Foxwood hill is a fairly gently sloping hill apart from near the bottom, where there is a sheer drop of some six metres, so the Council had wisely staked out the course so as to skirt round this drop in order to follow the more gentle route to the finishing line.

Sir Foxley-Fox had suggested that bales of hay be placed in front of the drop, but this idea was rejected because of budget cuts.

The wise old owl, who had once again become a snowy owl during the day time because of the heavy snowfall, had decided to fly over the course so that he would have a fine aerial view of events and an enterprising young Fox News reporter had asked the owl if he could strap a webcam to his tummy so that the downhill race could be shown on the big screen at the finish line and throughout Foxwood and the world. The owl had decided not to put on skis – come on, be sensible, whoever heard of a bird with skis on??

After some negotiation, it was agreed that the reporter would supply huge numbers of mince pies and mince flies for sandwiches for those animals who preferred the latter delicacy.

So, Christmas Day dawned under a blue but cold sky with massive snowdrifts everywhere and all the animals and humans lined up at the start. There was a tortoise who decided to go down on his back, a hedgehog with skis on all four of his little paws, several foxes as well as our foxcubs in a box, sydney spider doing his paragliding thing, a very slim and fit looking squirrel on skis and hundreds of other woodland animals on skis, trays and plastic bags, what a colourful sight it was – even PC Fuzzy Fox was there on a police sledge with flashing blue light !

Because he shouted louder than anyone else Mr. Ponsonby – Snodgrass was given the job of starting the race, which turned out to be a mistake, because a few seconds before the start, Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrass elbowed and shoved his way through the pack of animals sending many flying flat on their backs, until, just as he reached the front his father shouted 3-2-1-START – a clear example of bad sportsmanship.

All the animals, led by Lady Foxley-Fox shouted excitedly at the finish line as the downhill racers sped on their way, watched in glorious colour on the big screen TV.

Just after the halfway stage, Sir Foxley-Fox was in the lead, with the skiing squirrel in second place, Eustace Ponsonby Snodgrass, with his brand new racing skis shining blue and silver against the white snow was in third place, with the four fox cubs in a box in fourth position.

But then three things happened which were to change the whole race.

As they approached the clearly marked turn to avoid the sheer drop, the two leading skiers turned elegantly to the left, but Eustace Ponsonby- Snodgrass, whether through bravado or sheer lack of control hurtled straight on and over the drop. Like Eddie the Eagle, he soared majestically through the air for a few seconds, with the crowd ooing and aahing at his impressive display, but gravity eventually took its toll and as he started his descent he lost his balance, turned  over and over in the air and eventually landed headfirst in a massive snowdrift to the right of the course, just a few metres short of the finishing line. His skis and bottom were the only things that could be seen of Eustace, so deeply was he stuck in the snowdrift.

The foxcubs in a box were unable to veer off to the left as their tails simply did not have enough grip and they, too sailed majestically into the air and as the box landed, it broke open and the four foxcubs went tumbling and rolling down the hill, knocking both Sir Foxley-Fox and the skiing squirrel off their skis, so that all four cubs crossed the finishing line at the same time and were declared the undisputed winners.

The third thing to happen was that, further up the course, the hedgehog had unfortunately not noticed a snow covered branch sticking out, with the result that all four of his skis were torn off him and very sensibly he curled up into a spiky ball and rolled at an ever increasing speed down the hill, to take off over the sheer drop and end up with his spikes firmly stuck into Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrasses’ large bottom. As he was buried in a snowdrift, it was fortunate that nobody was able to hear Eustace’s screams. Or maybe it was unfortunate for him, as everyone forgot about him and clapped and cheered as all the animals crossed the finishing line in one way or another, with no injuries.

Eventually Mrs. Ponsonby-Snodgrass rushed over the her darling boy but failed miserably in her attempts to pull him out, so yet again, Farmer Giles was able to attach a rope to Eustace’s legs and with the massive traction from the mighty Trelleborg Super Tyres on his tractor was able to pull out a very bedraggled Eustace, who, after his behaviour at the start of the race, received no sympathy at all!

All the animals then enjoyed their mince pies, mince flies sandwiches and warm drinks and it was generally agreed that this was the best Christmas ever.


Sir Foxley-Fox ( with a little help from co-author Andrew Lauder.)

The End


Nov 16

A new author???

A Bulgarian friend of my Dad has 2 lovely daughters, An-Marie, aged 17 and Eva who are both great fans and An- Marie has written a story about me, in amazing English, that I thought I would share with you. It certainly makes a very good point. Maybe she will take over from me?

Enjoy, Sir F-F.


A Fox’s View of the Future

Written by An-Marie Dinkov

We all know about Sir Foxley-Fox Fox and his amazing stories, but this time he was going into the future and he didn’t like what he saw..

It was an amazing night at the Fox family’s house. They were all sitting outside in a circle, near the fire, eating marshmallows. And of course everyone wanted to hear a story from Sir Foxley-Fox. After begging him for quite some time, he agreed. Everyone got closer to him so they could hear the story better and they were all looking at him with excited eyes.

 “I will tell you a very interesting story this time and you need to listen and not make the same mistakes I have seen in the future, as Fox Town was very different. There were no houses only skyscrapers – firstly you might want to know what they are. They are blocks with 50-60 floors. Can you imagine that?”

“Wow!!” said everyone together and got even closer.

“But the buildings weren’t the only thing, there were so many cars, traffic and the people…they were all so angry and always too busy to even say “Hi.”

They were always inside, on their computers and foxphones. And those foxphones  were EVERYWHERE and everyone was using them. You can listen to music, play games,  watch movies. The kids were all wearing headphones and were looking at the floor and they never talk to you. And the parents were just the same!” said Sir Foxley-Fox angrily.

“They were on a computer all night, there was no family time, there was no conversation and it was sad for me to see it, so I decided that I had to do something and I was thinking what should I do to open their eyes so they can see that there are many more important things in life than Foxphones  and how they need to learn to enjoy life more because you can never have a day back and time is passing really fast .

So I decided to go to to a different  friend’s  house every night. I made them all turn off their phones for one night and just talk and tell stories. We were talking and laughing all night! It was amazing and I think now they know that there are many more important things in life than phones and computers and they should enjoy spending some time together because family –  it’s the most important thing.

I was telling them one story of mine and they loved it and it was their favourite.

Are you ready to hear it now? OK, so this is how it all started ….. ”

An- Marie Dinkov

Oct 29

The ghost of Hallowe’en

The Foxley-Fox Cubs – The Ghost of Hallowe’en

Dedicated to my old friend Dorothy McDermottvignette final 1-2 (1)


It was Hallowe’en and the four Foxley Fox cubs, Buster, Squealer,

Squabbler and Felicity felt like having an adventure.

“Let’s go and see if we can find the wicked old witch in Foxwood” suggested Buster.

His 2 brothers readily agreed and Felicity, not wanting to go and see any wicked old witch but also not wanting to be called a “sissy” by her elder brothers eventually agreed.

Now, it is a little known fact that deep in the depths of Foxwood, there lies an ancient cottage that was lived in by a witch hundreds of years ago and many of the animals say that they have seen the ghost of the witch on dark, dark nights.

Well, it was a dark, dark night as the brave foxcubs went deeper and deeper into Foxwood until they came across the witch’s cottage.

Buster, being the bravest went in first.

The wind howled round the cottage and moaned in the branches of the trees as the moon came and went from behind scudding dark clouds.

Inside the cottage, the whole room was covered in spider’s webs and in one corner lurked the most enormous black spider gnashing his teeth as they entered!

In another corner lay the skeleton of some long dead animal.

“Is that a ffffffffox?” stammered Felicity.

“Probably a little female fox like you “ said Buster rather cruelly, at which the skeleton began to tremble.

At the same moment the air became considerably colder in the room, the spider dashed, frightened, into the corner and the ghostly figure of a witch, riding a broomstick that was not there, flew across the room, cackling. She sniffed the air, the fox cubs dared not move, then her eyes turned upon them and she said these terrible words………………..


“I will make  a hubble bubble,

Full of creatures, toil and trouble.

With eye of toad and wing of bat

I’ll mix it in my witch’s hat!

But now I need one other thing

To flavour nicely, my bat’s wing.

What is that pong of smelly socks?

Of course, I see now, it’s a fox.

Ah yes, a fox cub, that will do

Which one to choose – oh yes, it’s you!

You are the fattest, Buster is your name,

Without a fox it doesn’t taste the same.

Yes, little fox cubs just like you

Make a simply lovely brew.

Four little fox cubs really do

Make the most delicious stew!”


At that the fox cubs, howling miserably, rushed out of the room and ran as fast as their little paws could carry them back to Foxley Hall, where Sir Foxley and Lady Foxley-Fox were sitting with their feet up in front of a roaring log fire.

The four little foxes tumbled into the room, looking distinctly paler than when they had left.

“Good Heavens” said Sir Foxley-Fox, “ you all look as though you have seen a ghost!”


The End.


Oct 12

Girls in a lift/elevator!

My Dad and Margaret took me back to the wonderful Panorama Hotel in Chania, Crete for 3 days. This is where Dad celebrated his 69 1/4th. birthday and what a party it was with a picture of me, Sir Foxley-Fox on the cake!

One evening, after tottering back from a good dinner at the hotel they decided to go in the panoramic lift, or elevator as you Americans would call it.

Dad stepped back to take a better photo just as the doors were shutting. Now, most lifts have an electronic eye that automatically stops the door shutting, but not this one!!

The doors closed inexorably on my poor Dad, trapping him in a vice like grip by the shoulders, just as he took the photo.

The photo below shows the caring concern of the 3 girls ————————–!!!???

lift chania

Sep 22

Hurricane Irma

How pleased I was to learn that all our friends in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida are safe with little damage to their homes.

Not the case in Naples, the Keys or the Caribbean – poor people.

It made me think about the animals that have been killed by this awesome and awful hurricane.

Shortly before hurricane Wilma, Category 4 , was about to hit, I remember walking the beach in Ft. Myers with my Dad – we met only 2 other humans and not a single bird was to be seen. It is  a little known fact that some creatures have a sixth sense about these things and the birds fly inland and the fish swim as far out to sea as they can to avoid the storm.

Can you imagine the scene in a foxes’ den? They have nowhere to go.

The parents and cubs cuddled up together as the storm starts, the roar growing with intensity every minute. At the same time the rain turns from a shower, to heavy rain, to a torrent and the first rivulet of water appears at the mouth of the den, growing in its intensity into a stream and then into a raging torrent, sweeping away everything and everyone in its unrelenting path and turning the foxes over and over again in the water until they eventually drown.

I feel so sorry for my  Floridian and Caribbean foxy cousins, who never made it and I grieve for them andvignette final 1-2 (1) for the humans who tragically died.

Sir Foxley-Fox and family

Jul 08

Book sales

Hi folks. Well our first book has now reached the giddy heights of 433 in young adults historical fiction rankings on Amazon uk. Our new book , which has only been out for 2 months stands at 2287, so thank you readers for your support.

Also, I guess I had better wish my old Dad and co-author a happy birthday today – well done, old boy!!!

Love n licks  Sir Foxley-Fox

May 27

The Sir Foxley-Fox Tales launch in Cyprus

Well, I was so disappointed not to be able to go to the launch of my new book of bedtime stories at the lovely Amphitheatre restaurant in Tala, Cyprus.

It seems to have gone well, with 55 paying guests all enjoying the wonderful food, service view 18721381_428714387508479_166246688_o18742314_428714217508496_1617021127_oand a fabulous sunset and all proceeds to St Michael’s Hospice Charity, Paphos. They made over Eu 500!

Of course they must have been very sad that I was not able to read excerpts from my book to them, but it seems that Andrew, my Dad, did OK, as he read to them all instead of me and sold 34 books  with all the royalties going to the charity.  Wow what great supporters of a great cause! Thanks a lot, Sir Foxley-Fox. x

May 06

3-2-1- launch of Sir Foxley-Fox Tales Book 1

Hi folks. I am so excited, I am doing cartwheels all round the room as my third book is now available on Amazon worldwide.

This is a book of short bedtime stories as requested by many of my readers – longer than the other books but with no new illustrations.

For those of you who wish to order in the UK there is a direct link to on the website.

For those of you who live in Ft. Myers, Florida, the last story is all about my adventures in Florida, so you may well find a story about YOU!!! However, please note that to avoid litigation it is clearly stated at the beginning of the book that it is a work of fiction!!!

For those of you who live in Cyprus the book is being launched at a Sundowner Party at the Amphitheatre cafe on May 24th with music generously provided from Rick and  all proceeds going to the St. Michael’s Hospice.2017-05-24 Sundown Party (1)

My Dad, Andrew, has recently been elected Chairman of the St. Michael’s Hospice Charity in Paphos Cyprus and we have both agreed that ALL the worldwide royalties on this book will go to the charity, so the more books you order, the more you will be helping those in need.

If you enjoy it, please add a comment on the website, as this really helps sales.

Thank you, love n licks,

Sir Foxley-Fox


Apr 13

Foxtales update

Hi folks. Well, my Dad has recently been elected Chairman of the St. Michael’s Hospice Charity in Paphos and he has decided to donate all the royalties from our new book The Sir Foxley-Fox Tales to the Hospice Charity. I must say, I think this is a great idea, so the more books you buy, the more good you will be doing!!

Lady Foxley-Fox was a bit miffed as she had set her heart on a very nice antique rocking chair from Foxwood Antiques, but when I explained to her what we were doing she thought it was a much better idea than any rocking chair.

Dad’s idea set my mind thinking about the families of those poor foxes who are still being torn apart by foxhunting in  spite of the anti foxhunting law and I thought I may set up a charity called Foxfam. Do you think that is a good name? Please let me know and keep your eyes and ears open for more news about the launch in May.

Bye Bye, Sir Foxley-Fox and family.


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